Environment and Health

To safeguard environmental equilibrium, Cicolani Mauro & Figli Implement a real business policy considering sustainability as one of the key values and always aiming at contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact in all its forms and investments aimed at the purchase of last-generation vehicles, predominantly ecocompatible.

Almost all the car parks include transport vehicles that meet the Euro 5 and Euro 6 classes so that:

REDUCE EMISSIONS (Exhaust Gas, Co2, Noise Pollution)
REDUCE WASTE (Operational Inefficiencies)

In order to maintain the full fleet efficiency, to reduce its impact on the environment and to minimize the risk of operational inefficiency, an ordinary and preventive maintenance plan is planned for the company’s internal workshop through specialized personnel, duly recorded according to the type of intervention performed.

Traveling staff is consistently trained and informed in relation to driving and system specifications to reduce the consumption and dispersion of fuels and pollutants.

An additional system used by the company to reduce the incidence of transport on the ecosystem and optimize drivers’ driving time – is to support, alongside road transport, a combined form of transport , where possible and authorized by the buyer, the use of the train and / or the ship on which the tractors and their driver’s personnel are boarded in addition to the semitrailers.

Particular attention is paid to all cleaning and disinfection of the means that are performed systematically in place thanks to the presence of an internal car wash, as well as, where necessary, in contracted centers. Each procedure is monitored, carried out with environmentally-friendly and duly registe- red specific products.