Transport at Controlled Temperature

At the basis of an adequate logistics service for large distribution and in particular for controlled temperature transport, there are many tools that can not be missed, such as refrigerated vehicles and the maximum organization geared to careful and scrupulous preparation of the goods. This is because the loaded goods can not be damaged in any way and, to achieve this, it requires the support of state-of-the-art technologies.

Having respected these priorities for over 30 years, Cicolani Mauro & Figli Is able to successfully manage every logistics and transport demand at con- trolled temperature. The latest generation of vehicles and equipment and high-performance professionalism ensure full control over the cold chain.

The temperature is recorded by means of special systems that allow you to send reports via e-mail. If the temperature exceeds that defined as a limit, an alarm system is monitored by responsible persons. The information transmitted to the sensors is thus acquired by the 24-hour operating unit with the aim of always ensuring the perfect management of the required standards.