Pharmaceutical Transport

The choice of measuring and control equipment mounted on Refrigerated Semitrailers is geared towards a range of products complying with the protocols required by Good Drug Distribution Practices (EU) in accordance with EU design, installation, operation and performance guidelines, obtaining the “Pharma Certification”.

Systems include a standard temperature recorder, recording probes positio- ned inside the load compartment, calibration certificate valid for probes, pre-set recording frequency, traffic light attestation maintenance temperature range.

The dual satellite alarm system that is equipped with fleet vehicles also monitors the temperature trend. It is also possible to use a further mobile device that is positioned inside the load compartment, which can perform the same function as the fixed units.

In the standard systems for temperature management and control, the company has complemented a further satellite management service of parameters required during travel. The transport, placed in the Maximum Security System or “Connected Trip”, is followed by the Vanini Accredited Supervisory Authority (start of the trip, check on the routes and stopovers of the vehicle, conclusion of the trip with relative delivery to the goods and tempe- rature detection), which accompanies real-time monitoring by the company’s staff through management software.

Transports that provide a double temperature setting ( transport between 2 °/ 8 ° and 8 °/ 25 °) are made possible by the use of bulkheads installed inside all refrigerators and double fridge motors. Those that can not be superimposed on the pallets are made by double-sided systems to maximize the load capacity of the bilice.